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DWI Defense

A DWI conviction can result in a jail sentence, financial hardship, loss of license and other devastating consequences. It is important that you know your rights, defenses and possible consequences on the DWI charges against you.

dwi defense

Make no mistake about it: A DWI is a serious offense in Louisiana with many potential longstanding repercussions. They could include: potential heavy fines, court costs, potential long-term loss of your driver’s license or car insurance, vehicle impoundment or forfeiture, and mandatory jail time.


In addition, because a DWI conviction can leave you with a permanent criminal record, it can hurt your future chances of employment. You will need an experienced lawyer that knows the complicated procedural, evidentiary, constitutional, sentencing and administrative license issues surrounding drunk driving. The first case my office ever handled was the successful defense of a DWI, and to date, DWI defense constitutes nearly 50% of my practice. If you are accused of DWI, you should be aware of the following.


1)      If you are suspected of drunk driving in Louisiana, when you are asked to take a field sobriety test (FST), you have no right to speak to an Attorney. You will not have that right until after you have submitted to a blood or breath testing at the station, or have refused to do so.


2)      You are not legally required to take any field sobriety tests. However should you refuse to submit to a breath or blood test, there are consequences: Your First Refusal will result in the loss of your license for 365 days with eligibility for hardship license after first 90 days. Your Second Refusal could result in you losing your license for up to two years without eligibility for hardship license.


3)      It is important to act within 15 days of your DWI or DUI arrest or your license may be suspended. Nonetheless, we find most clients mistakenly think that they can wait until the last minute—even as late as the eve of trial—to hire an attorney. With that in mind, in order to ensure the best result possible, it is imperative that you call my office as soon as you possibly can.

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